Our Company

A few years ago my sister and I were looking for a fun, challenging way to celebrate upcoming birthdays. She had always enjoyed cycling and was living in Portland at the time, so we decided on Cycle Oregon: a 7 day road cycling adventure with 2,000 riders covering 450 miles of beautiful Oregon scenery. While it has since become a passion, I was relatively new to cycling heading into my first Cycle Oregon.

Our Story

In training for the ride, I was surprised to find how limited the options were for comfortable, cute cycling jerseys. The market was filled with jerseys that zipped up to the chin, had elastic cinched around the hips, and in general just weren't very comfortable or flattering. Most women's cycling jerseys appeared to be poorly re-sized men's cycling jerseys.

After hearing similar complaints from many other women, I returned from Cycle Oregon on a mission to develop a brand of stylish, comfortable cyclewear just for women. For all women...from true cycling beginners to casual riders to serious cyclists. Cyclewear that will help encourage women to want to get out and ride.

In the spirit of a family business, my mom quickly jumped in to help wherever needed and soon after, my sister moved from Portland to San Diego to join the company as well. Together we've created unique cycling jerseys that help you look and feel great when you’re out riding. And we're proud that our jerseys are designed and manufactured in the USA.

We're continuing to grow and to develop new products and designs. Please contact us with your ideas and feedback, we'd love to hear from you!